About Us

DSR Public Relations was founded January 2015, by Artist Aminat Odunbaku. With her huge love for business and humanity, Aminat strives to seek multiple ways to stay connected to art and giving back to the community.

DSR PR is a platform that helps product and project development, and also business branding, marketing and advertising. DSR PR has also managed to open a studio space "DSR STUDIOS" for artists to develep and master their craft as well. 

Aside from work in Aminat's eyes community service is key.

"We are all put on this planet to help each other, I cannot make it in this world alone, this God giving talent and knowledge must be shared to those in need."- Aminat O.

Aminat plans on expanding the company with the launch of iWear Messages by collaborating with multiple clients to help bring hope & awareness to the world today where love and positivity are lacking tremendously. "Not only does purchasing a shirt benefit who comes across the person wearing it, but it also helps non profit & community programs give back as well."

DSR PR plans on sponsoring programs by giving them a percentage of the proceeds to help start up or expand. 

iWear Messages Founder from DSR PR on Vimeo.


To contact us please email: